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'Sweet' at Hollywood-Highland!

Charlie Bubbles 1st Adventure

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Interview with Paul - Urban Update

Charlie Bubbles on OMG! Insider

Captured by the CBS show OMG! Insider, August 5th, Paul visited with
children as he read, sang and donated copies of his book
"The Adventures of Charlie Bubbles" in honor of
his late friend James Gandolfini.

James donated copies of the book prior to his passing.
A heart warming day for all. The event will air
on Weds., August 7, on OMG Insider!.

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Come share the Charlie Bubbles experience!

Bay State Magazine - Read about Charlie Bubbles on pg. 10

Vroman's Book Signing July 13!

Paul on the Steve Katsos Show!


"One of the more imaginative and visually stunning children's books
to come out this year is THE ADVENTURES OF CHARLIE BUBBLES!
as written by actor/director/writer Paul Carafotes and experienced
graphic designer and illustrator Jeff Vernon. This sensitive
and entertaining story is not only full of rich meaning for
children to absorb in building solid personalities and
philosophies but is also a beautiful little
fable about friendship...Not only is the story narrated in a fashion
that will grasp the attention and compassion of children,
but also the illustrations are so fine that they lift the book
to an even higher level.
This little book ought to be in line for Caldecott and Newbery awards!
Highly recommended!"
- Grady Harp - Hall of Fame - Top 50 Reviewer - Amazon.com

“I found this book to be delightful and entertaining. The most
important virtue that can be taken from CHARLIE BUBBLES is to have
a good heart and to give in an unselfish way and
you will always be rewarded.”
-- Pauline Lampropoulos - Mother and children’s educator for 40 years.

“Like all beloved children’s books CHARLIE BUBBLES teaches
an important lesson in a way a child will understand
and it is beautifully illustrated to boot!"
-- Joe Mantegna - Father and award winning actor.

"Charlie will inspire kids of all ages with his 'Don't Quit' attitude! My kids and I love Charlie Bubbles and your family will too!"
-- Jake Steinfeld
Chairman & CEO, Body by Jake
Founder, Major League Lacrosse
Chairman of the National Foundation for Governors' Fitness Councils

"Charlie Bubbles is soon to be a classic, I've read it several times and keep re-reading it. That's a sign that something is good and will last."
-- James Gandolfini - Father and award winning actor.

This book is outstanding. The characters come to
life and is a fun read for all ages.”
-- EG Daily - Voice of Tommy Pickles & Buttercup, mother of 2 children.

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Charlie Bubbles to Fenway.

Charlie Bubbles Books - VOLUME 3 NOW AVAILABLE!

Paul and his inspiration, son Charlie!