About the Author and Illustrator

PAUL CARAFOTES has been an award winning actor, writer and
director for more than 30 years appearing in numerous movies,
television shows and commercials. He has won various entertainment
awards, such as best writer for his play “Beyond The Ring”, as
well as in writing, producing, and directing. His film “Club Soda”
has won multiple awards throughout the country. Paul also
hosts his own radio show, “Carafotes 12 Celebrity Interview.”
Paul’s first, in a series of children’s books, is “The
Adventures of Charlie Bubbles.” You can learn more by
following Paul on his “Carafotes 12” Facebook page and
IMDB.com.“The eternal question I ask, and am sure we all ask
ourselves, is why are we here?

My simple answer to that is - to be of service.”

JEFF VERNON has worked as a graphic designer
and illustrator for 30 years. He has worked for numerous
ad agencies and design studios creating innovative
artwork and layouts including promotional

art for movies and television, as well as two musical
children’s books. Jeff has illustrated five children’s books for
Veronica Lane Books and best-selling author
Etan Boritzer as part of the “What Is?” series.
He also acts on stage and in film.
This is Jeff’s first collaboration with his friend
Paul, who he met in Hollywood in 1981.
Jeff is grateful to all his friends and family for their
continued support of his creative life!

Written by Paul Carafotes - Illustrated by Jeff Vernon.